It´s March 30. Me working off my to-do list being packed with things, I wished to have done weeks or even months ago. Anyway, there is time for them now – same for my very first journal note here (even when one of my bff told me „Don´t! You already have enough things to do“).  But guess what, typical me – stubborn Scorpio woman – am not going to listen. I bet, she knew that. So, let me welcome you to my [personal] journal!



This is so me…
Let´s better call it self-evaluation. Have I achieved my goals? Is it where I´ve planned to go? What´s the next step? Am I still in the game?
As for me, planning is everything – even when it fails. Since my second graduation it´s been a natural rule for me to plan the upcoming year in advance, making weekly to-do lists and bring structure in everything. So it´s pretty good timing now to scroll through the first 3 months of 2020 and set „check, check, check!“. 

If I had to describe the first Quarter of the year with a song, this one gives the right vibe.

It was a very intense start for me this year (even though I planned it myself, so obviously things were about to happen very fast and sometimes unpredictable) and definitely another great learning within a lot of reasons for being thankful for: having people cheering me up in easy and hard moments, getting great opportunities I´m deeply thankful for. And of course the quality time with my loved once, who are probably my second family as mine is not living in Germany.

Let´s go.

LONDON. This city was on my bucket-list for too long but I´ve finally made it due to several things that didn´t worked out like expected. And I´m truly thankful for that as well. My first time ever in London was a good start into a new challenging year. And as you know me, it´s almost always ‚workation‘ trips I do. Perfect timing for my first London Fashion Week Men´s! And also Women´s. So crazy I´ve managed it to go to London twice this year already and hopefully will go back in summer again.

Here are some of my fav streets and backstage shots from London Fashion Week AW20 season:

MILAN. Guess why? Milan Fashion Week Men´s. As for the the trip itself – long story short – Milan is not my city at all, also it wasn’t successful. Rude & ugly, made me starving (because of weird restaurant opening hours). Just can´t complain about good conversations.

BERLIN was kind of special for me this time & also MBFW.berlin was a new challenge that I mastered well (I think so at least). Since I moved here more than 8 years ago, I really love the feeling when coming back every single time wherever I´ve been to before (even when leaving NYC feels so peaceful). It´s a long story how and why I ended up in this city and how complicated it was for me to adapt and become a part of this lifestyle. It just still feels right after so many years even when I wish to stand further than I am now but everything happens for a reason. I´m patient. 

This March I´m celebrating one year on a side of a great business partner but also made a new step in this business and am currently working on my own big project I will be able to tell you about veeery soon (let´s pray for current situation ain´t messing up my plans too much). 

Oh, yeah: POLAND. I think it was rather Czech Republic I went to on winter vacations for couple of days with some friends from my home country (Belarus btw.). Much needed time off with lots of laughter and mental recovery in-between Berlin Fashion Week and Copenhagen trip. Also my second time on snowboard (one more thing that made it off my bucket list 2 years ago) was so painful haha. Still love it.

Next stop: COPENHAGEN. It´s been my second date with this city but it still gives me mixed feelings. Literally so in love with the style of some of my favorite Scandinavian fashionistas but every time I´m there, it´s over like it was all a dream. New experience I gained in Copenhagen this season: almost not seeing myself in a mirror for almost 5 days made me feel super weird. How can a huge Airbnb for 6 people not even have a mirror in the bathroom?!

Last but not least: PARIS – definitely a great place for good streetstyles. But beyond that… Let’s not talk about it. Thankful for experience. Off to the next one.