What’s next?


Ok, I don’t give up yet but what’s the next step? And to be honest, I wasn’t counting yet but… 
It’s been 3 weeks on a row staying in and I’m so proud and glad to have things done that been on my list for way too long. How are you handling this situation? Hope, you’re staying sane and use this situation for yourself.

For those, who still don’t know how to beat the clock, here are some things from my personal to-do list I am currently working on:

Update My Bucket List

Actually never had a written one yet and was always keeping my plans to my mind but it’s actually one of the keys of success: visualize your plans & dreams. 

Reflecting things happened within past two-three years, I am glad to realize that so many things I ever wished for to have & get through happened:

finally started this journal of course!
– found myself a new flat & organized it to my wishes (well, at least a bit as not all the things are possible yet)

was traveling to London twice this year (it was on my bucket list for so many years, still can’t believe I managed to travel there so spontaneously)

found the jobs I was looking for for soooo so so long and can’t be more thankful to celebrate my first anniversary in my self-employment (I’m working with a very unique a well known German fashion blogger, have amazing and thankful clients and partners in this hard fashion photography business)

got rid of some of my bad habits (like getting up late, care of what other people think, have impossibly tight to-do list & pressurize myself too hard) and toxic relationships
found a soulmate I was looking for for too long…

As I was sorting out for a while, this are the things I add on my now written bucket list for this year:

have my own photo exhibition (I’m already organizing it since months & will announce it more official soon haha)

– travel to at least one of the following destinations this year: Iceland, Norway, Cape Town, Tokyo

– get to see my family again (I’m born and raised in Belarus btw)
– learn how to shoot in a photostudio
– improve my English skills

read (or listen) at least 1 book/month. 
„21 Lessons for 21 st century“ by Yuvan Noah Harrari is a must for me this year!

– get rid of everything in my house I really don’t need and go for quality instead quantity in everything I own. This point is a big issue for me since a bit. Working in fashion industry influence me a lot and I actually always been that type of person who’s called „late adopter“ inmarketing, but  really, how often do we use so many things we own once or twice only and what are your real favorite peaces?


This is what I’m currently reading by the way:

And since Audible kindly offers free books and podcasts untill April 19th, those are on my list for the next two weeks [unpaid ad, was influenced by a blogger]:


How to plan your next week of home office

Routines are making our life easier. Especially for creatives. Sure, we do have our week schedule on our mind but it will help you a lot to just write it down. Some personal tips & tricks I’ve learned during my two university degrees and after almost two years of self-employement as photographer:

1) Plan on Sunday

Write your to-do list for the upcoming week on Sunday evening. Why?
You save a lot of time when getting up on Monday and already know what to do first. Same for every other day – you will have more clear structure and control over your time.

2) Put important things first!

Put the most important things on the top of the list & start with them first. Also the most unpleasant but urgent things and ALWAYS do them first. Why? You’ll finally get over it and move on but also be proud of you and will break free from the „I can do it tomorrow“ habit. ALSO: try or learn at least one new thing a week. Find a new hobby or read up on something you always want to educate yourself about.

[Since this weird situation occurred I also put things like walking, running, working out and call this or that person on my daily schedule to stay fit & connected to my loved ones]

3) Time Boxing

Split the whole day in time slots & set REALISTIC time for each task. Why?
We only need as much time for one thing as much we want. You will be surprised how efficient you’ll become being 100% focused knowing you only have 1 hour or 30 minutes for one thing & super proud of get it done and move on to the next one.

ALSO: mix the to do’s with high concentration effort with things like dish washing, cleaning your table, calling your family or friends, cooking lunch. You’ll have mental break but also more fun going through the day and stay more fit. 

4) Set deadlines

Especially for the end of your working day! Don’t question it, just do. Keep your normal biorhythm schedule even when working from home.
As for the rest of the things, a good friend of mine gave me the advice to plan only 80% of your day so you will have those 20% left for the unexpected things (or just extra free time for your self by the end of the day).
ALSO: try to set 1-3 important things/day. Not planing too much (especially at the moment) will make you feel more productive and not being behind the schedule. 

5) Organize your home office

It makes your workflow sooo much pleasant if the place you work at (in the best case your couch) makes you feel focused and well. Find your perfect place and stick to that habit to work from where you are most productive. Get rid of everything that might distract you there and make yourself comfortable.
MUSIC: if you have problems with staying focused, you should better work in silence. For those who don’t mind listening to something, here is my personal workflow playlist:

I’m about to do a little home workout now (still hate it so much – love to go the the gym), plan my instagram feed for the upcoming week, have dinner and plan the next week. 

Movie to watch tonight: A single man (2009) if will find it somewhere –  inspired by the most fashionable films list by Harpers Bazaar lately.